5 encyclopedia bundle

Looks almost unused. Actual MRP: 1995
Nature Encyclopedia: Bring your child face-to-face with nature with this first reference Explore nature in all its glory and discover all about plants and animals and where they live. Find out what life is like underground, where you can find the world's ugliest fish and why fungi are so fantastic. Animal Encyclopedia From aardvark through to zebra, bring your child face-to-face with their favorite animals with this first reference for young animal lovers. Go ahead, let your children take a walk into the natural world! Space Encyclopedia: Space Encyclopedia (First Reference For Young Readers And Writers) helps you take your child on an incredible journey through the solar system and beyond. This edition is updated with all the latest developments that have taken place in the world of science and technology as of 2012. The book is an ideal reference tool for all young aspiring space explorers. T Dictionary: A first dictionary for children aged five and over, with simple vocabulary that helps bring words to life and compliments the National Curriculum. It includes synonyms, antonyms, word histories and questions that are intended to extend understanding of word type, meanings and usage. Picture Atlas: This journey around the world introduces everything from landmarks and animals to foods and sights from all over the globe. Packed with clear information and dramatic photographs Fully cross-referenced to guide the reader to related entries and topics Bite-size key points help children to remember the facts Extends vocabulary by introducing subject-related words and explaining their meaning Essential reference books to support project work at home or at school. This 5 books pack includes: 1. Dictionary 2. Nature Encyclopedia 3. Animal Encyclopedia 4. Space Encyclopedia 5. Picture Atlas

School Name: Pace Junior Science College
Listing created May 17, 2023